ISTANBUL known as the “ Capital of Empires “ was founded 2600 years ago.With the name Constantiople, it has served as the capital for the Roman Empires and then for Byzantine Empires following the division of the former into two.Conguered by the young Sultan Mehmet ıı in 1453 and it has turned into a cosmopolitan,

The most beautiful and attractive monuments take place on the peninsula surrounded by the city walls, Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara.It is guite hard to choose form 500 mosgues rising up on the hills of the city.Symbolizing Istanbul with its six magnificent minerets, the Blue Mosgue should be seen without fail.It is called the Blue Mosgue due to its blue china ornamenting its walls just opposite it is the world famous Saint Sophia, now a museum which was originally built as a churh in memory of emperor justinianus.An exemplary building of the Byzantine architectural capabilities, it has been ornamented with the fascinating mosaic depictions of  jesus, Virgin Mary and the emperors.

The masterpiece of the Ottoman Architecture, the Süleymaniye Mosgue has been built by the famous archites Sinan to the order of the Süleyman the Magnificent. Built on a hill overlooking the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus, is the Topkapi place that has served the residence and policital headguarter for the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years. Aboat tour by the seaside through the Bosphorus shall turn into unforgottable memories.


ACTIVITIES : We offer you a golden opportunity living a natural life in Istanbul which we just called it paradise during a week all groups.

GRAND BAZAAR: You will be able to see the famous historical and touristy places and shopping at the GRAND BAZAAR, which provide an amusing opportunity of all entertainments of shopping mix the east and west. Grand Bazaar is the oldest art and largest shopping centre in the world, it’s covered more than 30 hectares of the land in this labyrinth system of streets and passages there are more than 18 entrances and approximately 400.000 daily visitors. 

SULTANAHMET- SAINT SOPHIA TOPKAPI PLACE : Istanbul known as the Capital of Empires was founded 2600 years ago. Approximately 5 million tourists visit this splendid city every year. You will also be able to notice the affect of Ottoman –Byzantium cultures on every place. You are going to see famous TOPKAPI place that has served the residence and political headquarter for ottoman sultans for 400 years, SULTAN AHMET MOSQUE, and BLUE MUSQUE , SAINT SOPHIA.





BOSPHORUS BOAT TOUR : We will arrange 4 hours Private Bosporus boat tour,  A traditional excursion by private boat along the waterway (BOSPORUS) its 30 km long separating EUROPE-ASIA will be excellent and full of unforgettable breathtaking sceneries (Music-Dance). Duration in four hours you can not imagine how amusing funs you will havePRIVATE BOAT TOUR

 SHOPPING CENTERS :You will be able to see public and lux shopping center.

 SPECIAL TOURS YOUR GROUPS:There is a swimming possibility at Marmara sea, If you are interest you can visit or swimming prince Island ,

if you interest we can arrange special TURKISH BATH.  TURKISH BATH. (HAMAM)